PUBG anti-cheat update has been undone

Lately Playerunknown’s Battleground has received an update to their anti-cheat which caused frame rate issues and crashes for many players. At first they stated they would not roll the patch back to block cheaters more efficiently but the situation seems worse as they thought. If they won’t change their mind this could cost them some of their players and PUBG is under enormous pressure as their biggest competitor Fortnite is evolving much faster lately.

In a tweet the PUBG Help account says the following: “PC players, despite its effectiveness in blocking cheats, we have decided to roll back our latest live server update. We will continue to resolve some compatibility issues caused by it. There will be a small patch to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

In another tweet they say that the roll back of the patch will be causing a maintenance period of three-hours. Within this time the current version which runs on the test servers is getting moved onto the live servers. This update comes with some handy features like a PUBG friends list, several performance optimizations, a few bug fixes and also adds support for a voice chat within the main menu.

Due to these unplanned updates they have pushed back the penetration system update and haven’t set a rollout date any longer. This update should fix errors like bullets passing your limbs without making any damage or blocking headshots with your hands to get less damage. You can read latest patch notes for PUBG on steam as always.

You can expect hat Playerunknown’s Battleground will work without any problems after the latest security updates have been rolled back. Nevertheless you can expect that it will get implemented into the game again soon but hopefully it will run better then. FPS problems can destroy the whole fun in games like this as it is necessary to have a certain frame rate to have the best user-experience.

Losing a Battle Royale due to a lag is basically one of the badest things that could ever happen to you in a PUBG match. So if you want to make sure that this won’t happen to you, wait until the update has been undone and everything should run smooth again for all players.

PUBG had its problems with cheaters lately as they have announced that they will be banning 100.000 players within a single ban wave. The anti-cheat update was made to keep them blocked from playing the game again with another account. You can expect the update to be rolled out again pretty soon as PUBG will do everything in their power to stop players from accessing the game and ruining it for others.